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  1. STOP!!!, muy simple pero muy buena la foto y los efectos que le has dado con el obturador y el zoom, viejo truco pero muy socorrido, felicidades

  2. nice treatment !

  3. I agree…nice effective treatment! The STOP seems to be yelling to “STOP”!

  4. Thank you very much for your comments! There is no “photoshop” treatment just slow speed and zooming, then some “levels correction” in Aperture…

  5. Definitely one of my favorites !!

  6. Awesome effect, almost like the words are exploding at you. Great tones and composition.

  7. Cool !! This is not easy to find a good subject to try this kind of effect… This one is great ;D

  8. A strong symbol, beautiful realization, good day with you.

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