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9 Responses to Stop

  • macolaki

    STOP!!!, muy simple pero muy buena la foto y los efectos que le has dado con el obturador y el zoom, viejo truco pero muy socorrido, felicidades

  • Maarten

    nice treatment !

  • Debbie Hartmann

    I agree…nice effective treatment! The STOP seems to be yelling to “STOP”!

  • Joan

    Thank you very much for your comments! There is no “photoshop” treatment just slow speed and zooming, then some “levels correction” in Aperture…

  • Jan

    Definitely one of my favorites !!

  • John Maslowski

    Awesome effect, almost like the words are exploding at you. Great tones and composition.

  • jotabe

    Cool !! This is not easy to find a good subject to try this kind of effect… This one is great ;D

  • foto-rolero54

    A strong symbol, beautiful realization, good day with you.

  • Joan Vendrell


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